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“Cypress trees on the seashore. Crimea ”, Arkhip Kuindzhi - description of the painting

“Cypress trees on the seashore. Crimea ”, Arkhip Kuindzhi - description of the painting

Cypress trees by the sea. 10.8 x 17.3 cm

From 1880 to 1900, Kuindzhi's “period of silence” lasts. Most likely, he believed that fame prevented him from developing as an artist.

During the retreat, the master does not stop painting, he continues to sing the beauty of the surrounding nature with no less penetration than before. He is especially inspired by the Crimea. In the 1880s, Kuindzhi acquired a plot in the village of Kikineiz, as well as a cottage in Tartir beam. The summer cottage was a kilometer-long strip of the beach and a slope covered with thickets, in the midst of which the artist assembled a small house for the summer. Below was a cliff, and under it was the sea, the game of which Arkhip Ivanovich so loved to watch.

Small in size, but interesting in color, the painting “Cypresses on the seashore. Crimea ”was written in 1887. It seems that it was God who led the landscape painter's hand, showing how to gilt the meadow overgrown with grass with sunny colors, how many rays to spray on taut and athletic trunks and young green leaves poured with juice.

Not everything on the canvas is illuminated by the bright sun, part is covered by a shadow, but against the background of it the center of the composition oozes even more abundantly in color. Behind through the crowns of the trees you can see a sea of ​​piercing, screaming blue and a quiet, timidly blue sky. It seems to the viewer that he actually found himself in a clearing in the midst of noble and magnificent cypresses.

Cypress trees have been growing on the Crimean peninsula for a long time: for the first time the Greeks brought them there in antiquity. At first, these noble trees did not grow there everywhere. Much later, in the 18th century, they began to be planted by order of Potemkin, and then they spread very widely in the Crimea. They also grew in the eastern part of the former estate of General Revelioti, bought by Arkhip Ivanovich Kuindzhi.

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