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Portrait of Paracelsus, Quentin Massey - description

Portrait of Paracelsus, Quentin Massey - description

Portrait of Paracelsus - Quentin Massey.

A magnificent, brilliant artistic masterpiece created in a fit of creative inspiration Quentin Massey! The work was written in 1630. The art style of Italian painting captivates with its individual beauty. It reflects the harmony of the classics of the Renaissance.

Paracelsus stands on a hill near the sea. The artist depicted him on a walk. The man has a full, puffy face, red curly hair, eyebrows curved in an arc, gray eyes. His gaze is turned to the side. On his head he has an interesting headdress of red color with an edge.

A man is wearing a gray shirt with a black cloak. In his right hand he holds a book, his left holds a board with a foreign inscription: "Famous Dr. Paracelsus." The scientist’s thoughts wander very far. He ponders important decisions. Behind the philosopher's scenic nature: the sea, rocks, boats, ships, a wooden house near the forest. The sky is depicted in dark blue with white gaps.

The master of the brush used bright, colorful colors, expressive tones, delicate shades in his work. The picture shines with the light, kindness and wisdom of the laws of the universe. The alchemist Paracelsus was a brilliant man, a messenger and reformer of a new era, the creator of the Universe. He was unpretentious and noble. By nature he had a big head and thin, crooked legs. His talents were amazing and extraordinary! His amazing abilities in medicine led to various discoveries and inventions, and his deep virtuoso mind made it possible to make interesting judgments, resulting in divine insights.

He was a unique figure in medicine and culture. There were many secrets and mystics in his life. He adored alchemy and dreamed of finding the philosopher's stone of the future. Paracelsus constantly improved himself, and the great creator of art, Quentin Masseis, managed to create such an unusual canvas!

Portrait of Paracelsus - a shining diamond of the Renaissance. The picture reveals the secrets of centuries, awakening in the minds of people the golden truths of life - will, faith and imagination. They lead to knowledge, goodness, light, love and success.

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