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“Steamboat”, Eulert Adelsten Norman - description of the painting

“Steamboat”, Eulert Adelsten Norman - description of the painting

Steamboat - Eilert Adelsten Norman. 104.8 x 157.5

It is impossible not to admire or peer into every landscape of the Norwegian fjords in the image of the painter Adelsten Norman. He has many panoramas of fjords from different points of observation. But you will never get tired of contemplating the magnificent nature of the northern region, shown to them with such skill.

The painting “Steamboat” is another work of the author, stopping the viewer's eyes. A huge block of stone occupies most of the composition. But at the discretion of the author, this is not a boring gray community, but a centuries-old ancient colossus, wisely rising and looking at an infinitely high blue sky, mirror water, people’s grains of sand.

As always, Norman is realistic in landscape writing, almost "photographic." On steep rocks you can see how carefully the shadows are drawn from each cavity and crack, how the color of the mountain changes when moving from one structure to another. Trees and greens, so scarce in this corner of the earth, are also not forgotten by the author - they are scattered across the gentle sections of the foot.

The chain of mountains does not create a feeling of tightness or gloom, but rather a favorable environment for the active activity of a person who uses this stone wall as protection against inclement weather.

And, indeed, everything on this canvas breathes calm and confidence. Huts on the coast. A sailboat that glides easily along the bay and certainly delivers a lot of delightful emotions to the vacationers on it. Either a fisherman, or a visiting tourist, admiring the picturesque view of the area, is sailing on the left side of the canvas.

The ship, leaving a trail of black smoke from the chimney, slowly approaches the shore, delivering people, food, gear. Of course, he is very small in comparison with the colossus of the mountains, but the author believes that man is worthy of its greatness, since he himself is great for his reason and activity.

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