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“August”, Ben Nicholson - description of the painting

“August”, Ben Nicholson - description of the painting

August - Ben Nicholson

An interesting art work in the style of cubism with geometric projections was written by the English avant-garde artist Ben Nicholson. This geometric abstraction on a domestic theme.

The picture shows a dining, kitchen table and a stool against a gray-brown wall. On the table are items of kitchen utensils. You can clearly see the large oval-shaped tray with cups, plates and a jug on it. Nearby lies a cutting board. Items have an amazing feature. They seem to dissolve in space, are devoid of target orientation and blurred. But such an artist had a plan.

If you carefully look at the artwork and contemplate it for a long time, you can see in the objects the uneven outlines of human faces, they are one-sided and transparent. On the right - a gray color spot, everywhere shades and highlights, dim shapes.

The picture develops and stimulates cognitive mental processes: fantasy, imagination, thinking, memory, attention, sensations and perceptions. It brings calm, relaxation, relieves anxiety, promotes good rest.

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