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“The Apparition of the Risen Christ to Mary Magdalene”, Ivanov - description of the painting

“The Apparition of the Risen Christ to Mary Magdalene”, Ivanov - description of the painting

The phenomenon of the risen Christ to Mary Magdalene is Alexander Andreevich Ivanov. Oil on Canvas, 242 x 321 cm

nbsp A. Ivanov painted this painting during his life in Italy. First, she successfully exhibited in Rome, and then was sent to St. Petersburg as a reporting work of the artist. In the capital, she was enthusiastically received and praised. For her, Ivanov received the title of academician. The Society for the Encouragement of Artists presented the painting as a gift to Emperor Nicholas I. At first it was exhibited at the Hermitage, but in 1897 the Russian Museum accepted the painting. It is stored there now.

nbsp The artist took the widespread gospel story of the appearance of Jesus to Mary Magdalene as the basis of the painting. Thanks to the dark background and the frontal arrangement of the figures, Ivanov managed to achieve the effect of the presence of the viewer, as if observing this wonderful event. The artist did not depict anything superfluous, so as not to distract the beholder from two important characters - Christ and Magdalene.

nbsp A powerful visual effect gives a contrast between the characters of the picture. It is as if radiance emanates from Jesus Christ, which is emphasized by the white draperies of the shroud. His image is full of greatness and seems unearthly. The stopping hand gesture is strict and full of love. “Do not touch me, for I have not yet ascended to my Father,” he says to the bowed Mary Magdalene. A woman holds out her hands to the Savior, kneeling down in front of him. The artist was able to portray joy through the tears on her bewildered face. She had just cried, not having discovered the body of the Master in the tomb, and now, He himself was standing in front of her. To achieve this effect, the artist asked the model to hold chopped onion in his hands, and at that time he mixed it.

nbsp The red and terracotta colors of Magdalen's clothes emphasize her earthliness. She is a living person and remains in this world to inform everyone about the miracle of the Resurrection of the Son of God.

nbsp Despite some static figures carefully painted according to all the canons of academism, the artist managed to convey the deep emotions of the characters in the picture. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most significant works of the master and indeed in all of Russian painting.

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