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The Last Supper, Jacopo Bassano - description of the painting

The Last Supper, Jacopo Bassano - description of the painting

The Last Supper - Jacopo Bassano. 30 x 51 cm

The most interesting thing in the visual arts is to observe how different artists who lived in different centuries and are influenced by different aesthetic paradigms represented the same plot.

Before us is the "Last Supper" by the Venetian artist Jacopo Bassano. His artistic style is a real mix of directions and schools, the mixture is, however, very harmonious. Bassano is a mixture of Renaissance, mannerism, baroque and realism.

It is known that Bassano wrote his version of the famous biblical story, the last meal of Christ with his disciples under the influence of another, it would not be an exaggeration to say the most famous work on this story - the fresco of the same name by Leonardo da Vinci. We see the moment when Jesus has already announced that one of his apostles will betray him (everything is like Leonardo’s). And the work similarities end there ...

Bassano transfers his heroes to a purely peasant environment, while adding a lot of details to the composition. In addition to the apostles themselves, arguing and objecting to the affirmation of Christ, one can notice a huge number of elements - food on the table, dishes, jugs, a vessel under the table, a crouching cat and a peacefully dormant puppy, chubby, bare feet of the participants of the action, tablecloth folds. This detail is characteristic of mannerism, as is realism in the image of the human body. It is impossible not to notice the muscular and tanned hands of the heroes of the supper, with a gray beard, expressive eyes. Before us are really peasant workers.

All objects on the table are symbolic: pomegranate - resurrection, apple - the fall, lamb - sacrifice, and there is also a cat that personifies betrayal, and a dog as a symbol of fidelity.

In the picture, dynamism is felt, each person from the canvas is an individual person described in detail, but together, in the interweaving of bodies, they represent a living composition. Spirituality and realism together in one space have won their place.

Strength, intensity, questioning - who is the traitor, hopelessness, alarming prophecy ... Bassano got his “Last Supper", which was nothing like Leonard’s, but therefore even more valuable, striking with its novelty of interpretation, emotions and realism.

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