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“Noah after leaving the ark”, Jacopo Bassano - description of the painting

“Noah after leaving the ark”, Jacopo Bassano - description of the painting

Noah after leaving the ark - Jacopo Bassano. 1580-1592.

Noah is a very significant figure in the biblical narrative. It is not surprising that Jacopo Bassano devoted four whole pictures to Noah's biography. Of course, the most difficult in composition is the canvas, demonstrating the resettlement of surviving people and animals after the ark clings to land.

We see a real pandemon - survivors on the rescue ship erected by Noah are starting to re-settle. There, people make the first dwellings, possibly from the boards of the ark itself, while others are busy with some domestic issues, animals, which, as it should be, "every creature in a pair," as Bassano depicts, slowly wander around on dry ground.

In the background, we still see a turbulent stormy sky (surely, it rained for 12 months!), But this gloomy blue is cut by the warm rays of light that surround the silhouette of the Lord. It is he who watches and blesses the survivors and Noah, who exactly fulfilled his command. God gives living things, and most importantly, people one more chance.

The style of the master in this work is more than remarkable. Bassano worked in the genre of religious painting, since the church was then the most important customer, but at the same time he adds specific elements from secular life of the 16th century to his canvases. People here are types of rural or urban people, animals seem to be taken from everyday life. However, this is not the most striking thing, but the skill with which the author collects all into one harmonious harmonious composition. Each person and animal is spelled out in a fairly realistic manner, and all this verbosity naturally lives, moves, tells its own private story.

Jacopo Bassano, who leads a fairly stationary way of life, nevertheless, closely followed trends in art (if one can put it this way in modern language), which is why Renaissance, Mannerism, and Realism found their place in his paintings. Perhaps that is why the painter's work is still inspiring and resonates with the viewer.

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