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“Boy in Blue”, Thomas Gainsborough - description of the painting

“Boy in Blue”, Thomas Gainsborough - description of the painting

The boy in blue is Thomas Gainsborough. 177.8 x 112.1 cm

For a long time, Thomas Gainsborough perfected himself as a landscape painter, until he finally realized that the portrait was the most profitable genre in painting in his time. Landscapes were not in demand by the public.

Over the course of his life, the master has created a number of wonderful portraits, but the most touching is the touching and emotional work of the Boy in Blue.

Gainsborough invited a boy, the son of a merchant from a hardware store, as a model. History retained his name - Jonathan Battle. But do you say that in front of the viewer is a poor boy? Not. The painter dressed him in a rich aristocratic costume, shimmering with his satin fabric. A beautiful pose, proud posture - and now the traits of the merchant’s son began to acquire sleekness, and the pose was a noble nobility. Only a charming blush and simplicity in look give out an ingenuous child in it.

It is known that at different periods of creativity Gainsborough was carried away by various predecessors from the world of art. The trail of Anthony van Dyck is clearly read in this work.

Gainsborough deprives the portrait of deliberate parade - a laid-back pose, a lively expression on his face, all this gives the work emotionality and charm.

The main beauty of the picture, of course, in coloristic performance. Here, the master uses his favorite technique, namely the dissolution of one color in another. The author applies neat strokes to the general tone with a color that differs in tone, which makes the texture flowing and iridescent.

After several centuries, the painting inspired the famous director Quentin Tarantino to create the image of the main character of the film Django Unchained. Django performed by Jamie Fox dressed in almost the same outfit as the boy from the Gainsborough painting.

The work itself left England in 1928. When sending the painting to California, the director of the London Museum, where the painting was exhibited before, wrote on the back of the canvas sincere words of farewell from the entire English nation. One of the most beautiful paintings left home for $ 728,000. The record price for a work of art at that time.