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Port in Hamburg, Albert Marche - description of the painting

Port in Hamburg, Albert Marche - description of the painting

Port in Hamburg - Albert Marche. 66.5x80

In the early 1900s. The painter traveled around France, and in 1909 he arrived in Germany, where he settled for a while in Hamburg, after which he went to get acquainted with Italian beauties. During his wanderings, Albert Marche especially fell in love with seascapes, a picturesque combination of the sea surface reflecting the sun, steamboats and the city surrounding the port.

The painting "Port of Hamburg" has incorporated both the main features of the author's style and innovative elements. So, for example, for the first time, Marche portrayed the port not from a hill, as was the case in French landscapes - the composition is built on one line extending deep into the horizon.

Color solutions are characteristic of the author - bright, clean colors, devoid of midtones and shades. Even the water is painted with small local spots that create the impression of a small ripple reflecting the pre-setting sun. The sky, as is usual with Marche, is calm and almost even, if not a barely noticeable haze of clouds.

It’s as if a longboat with a tall thin pipe and a bright red stripe on board floats past the viewer, while contrasting and harmonizing with the yellow exciting surface of the water. The coast is depicted in the form of German narrow tall houses closely pressed to each other with sharp roofs, and the image is akin to primitivism - simple identical shapes, monophonic color solutions, rejection of any chiaroscuro.

And completing the entire work is another important element, peeped by Marche at Gauguin, whom the Fauvists respected very much - all objects are surrounded by a clear black outline.

All the work, far from a true, realistic image, turned out to be very cheerful and “attuned” - the viewer will easily notice how the author admires the view that opens to him, forcing us to experience the same emotions.

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