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Painting The Tree of Life, Gustav Klimt - description

Painting The Tree of Life, Gustav Klimt - description

The tree of life is Gustav Klimt. 102 x 138.8

“The Tree of Life” is the central part of the panel triptych, written to decorate the dining room in the Stockle Palace in Brussels. Unlike two lateral parts, the center is devoid of large figures, here only a dark bird attracts attention. The painting was made in the patchwork style characteristic of the artist, with a predominance of bright cheerful gold color.

The tree of life is an image characteristic of the mythology of most peoples. Such a motive is present in Slavic legends and in ancient Scandinavian sagas. The Igdrasil tree, like many other images similar to it, symbolizes life in all its manifestations. Its roots are our past, ancestors, history, all that humanity has accumulated over the millennia of its existence. The trunk is the present, momentary moment, the solid foundation of the existence of all people. Branches and fruits are the future, our descendants, who will continue the race and life itself. This is a voluminous philosophical concept, which was found masterly in the picture of Klimt. A dark bird painted in dark colors is an uninvited guest at the celebration of life, Death, which always arrives unexpectedly.

The plot of the picture can be correlated with the oldest biblical story about the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil. This large-scale and global idea was embodied in many works of various artists, but only Klimt was able to brilliantly realize this idea, embodying it in the form of a rich spectacular work that serves as a real decoration of the palace.

The canvas impresses with its decorative effect. A bizarre pattern of smoothly rounded shoots creates a special vortex-like, spiral rhythm, which only emphasizes the main idea of ​​the canvas - eternity and infinity of existence. Klimt’s imaginative thinking prompted him with a surprisingly spectacular and decorative image with a deep meaning. The picture is both lyrical and full of symbolism. The rich golden color scheme makes the panel extremely elegant, spectacular and memorable.

This painting was the last major order received by the artist, so it can be considered the pinnacle of his skill. Despite the fact that at one time many did not understand the Freudian motives of his work, today Klimt is one of the very popular artists who are ahead of their time and have become role models. The triptych with the central part of the “Tree of Life” is still amazing and attracts attention for a long time with its global idea and unique sophisticated embodiment.

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