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Tableware seller, Francisco de Goya - description of the painting

Tableware seller, Francisco de Goya - description of the painting

The seller of the dishes is Francisco de Goya. 259 x 220 cm

The painting was painted in an expressive manner characteristic of Goya and filled with characters. She has a complex multifaceted composition, which does not even allow you to immediately catch the main motive of the image.

The first to catch the eye is a large carriage with liveried servants and a coachman. Brightly, even elaborately dressed page clings with all his might to the carriage belts. Inside, you can see the young richly dressed aristocrat looking out the window.

Despite the fact that the horses are not depicted on the canvas, the artist managed to convey an active, rapid movement - it seems as if the carriage is rapidly flying past the viewer.

And only distracted from the passing carriage, you can consider other characters: the seller of dishes, who laid out their goods on straw, women choosing products, walking a caballero in a scarlet outfit and a powdery wig, leaning on the shoulder of a servant in a cocked hat. It becomes clear that we are being shown the market - a daily everyday scene filled with life.

Thanks to the skills of Goya, the canvas is filled with light and air, the colors look juicy and at the same time natural. Everything on it seems to live according to its own internal laws. This is a fragment of time captured for centuries.

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