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Spend a weekend in St. Petersburg: where to go, what to see, where to have dinner?

Spend a weekend in St. Petersburg: where to go, what to see, where to have dinner?

The northern capital of Russia has long been firmly associated among tourists with architectural masterpieces, the richest museums and exhibition halls. But not all interesting objects are indicated in numerous guidebooks and brochures that are written for those who visit the city of Petra for the first time. Such colorful booklets rarely take into account the needs of those who come here with children, or a noisy youth company. And St. Petersburg entertainments themselves are able to satisfy the most intricate needs and tastes of city guests.

For the first time in St. Petersburg?

If you are going to St. Petersburg for the first time, and you have only two days at your disposal, then you should limit yourself to the most important objects:

  • Peter and Paul Fortress: it is not necessary to visit all museums and exhibitions, it will be enough to walk around the territory of the fortress, walk along the fortress wall, and also visit the Peter and Paul Cathedral. (Metro Gorkovskaya)

  • The State Hermitage Museum: for the first time, it is enough to visit historical exhibitions (Egypt, Antiquity, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance). It is impossible to inspect the entire Winter Palace at a time, leave it for the next visit. (Metro Nevsky Prospect)

  • Summer Garden: great for a visit in summer and early fall. (from Petropavlovka via Troitsky bridge)

  • Kunstkamera: for lovers of popular tourist spots. (From Strelka Vasilievsky Island a few minutes of leisurely walking)

Establishments for the first time are quite enough. It remains to stroll along Nevsky Prospekt, drink coffee and cake in the cafe North, walk along the Moika embankment.

For connoisseurs of St. Petersburg

Anyone who has been to St. Petersburg more than once and is well acquainted with all the main attractions, is simply obliged to study the poster of theatrical performances, concerts, musicals and show programs before his arrival. The best choices are in winter, spring and late fall.

It is worth seeing the performances of the Maly Drama Theater (Theater of Europe): from classical to absurd and all in a brilliant performance by magnificent actors and a brilliant director.

St. Petersburg Music Hall offers viewers several musicals, and at the Buff Theater you will be pleased with the unconventional interpretation of famous plays, the atmosphere of celebration and fun.

Travel agencies of St. Petersburg offer night walks in the city. Different routes, different prices. One thing is interesting - night Petersburg is a very special city. And the walk itself is ideal for a couple of lovers.

Of all the restaurants and cafes of the city on the Neva, a small institution on Bolshaya Konyushennaya Street under the signboard Sacvoyage for a pregnant spy will seem to you the most interesting. In addition to the unusual name, here you will plunge into a very non-standard interior, and in the menu you will find dishes at affordable prices and very good taste.

For travelers around St. Petersburg with children

Large museums, and most of the theatrical delights of North Palmyra, will leave little travelers indifferent. Therefore, they need a special program:

  • Neptune Oceanarium: underwater inhabitants (from native crucian carp to exotic piranhas, stingrays and sharks) will be interesting not only to children, but also to parents. It is especially interesting here when feeding fish (hours of feeding can be found on the schedule on the institution's website), as well as shows with sharks, rays and seals, which take place daily.

  • The Mindo Garden of Living Butterflies gives a unique opportunity to visit the real jungle and see with your own eyes rare, exotic and colorful butterflies, as well as hummingbirds. (Metro Chkalovskaya)
  • Famous St. Petersburg Youth Theater: The Little Humpbacked Horse, the Wizard of the Emerald City, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - this is not a complete list of performances, from which your child will be completely delighted!
  • The Skazkin House interactive museum-theater: professional actors, directly communicating with their young spectators, will lead them through fairy tales, help to cope with magical tasks on the way, and in the end they will be awarded the certificate of the Master of Fairy Sciences!

Two days in St. Petersburg can be an unforgettable journey for anyone who sincerely wants to learn as much as possible about the city of Peter the Great.

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